Resident Services Office

501 SR 44
Leesburg, FL 34748

Licensed Community Association Manager (LCAM)
(352) 360-1001

Administrative Staff to LCAM
(352) 360-1001

Activity Director - Newsletter Articles Only

Resident Services Office (RSO)
(352) 360-1026
E-Mail -

RSO Hours of Operation are:
Winter Hours: (October 1 to May 31)
Monday through Thursday: 8:30am to 4:30pm; Friday: 8:30am to 2:30pm
Lunch: 12:30 to 1pm

Summer Hours: (June 1 to September 30)
Monday through Friday: 8:30 am to 2 pm

CHECKOUT OF EQUIPMENT: Tables and chairs from Grand Hall are available for homeowner's use if available. Call RSO to reserve.

COPIES: 8 1/2 x 11 (standard) -10 cents per sheet; 8 1/2 x 14 (legal) - 15 cents per sheet; 11 x 1 7 - 20 cents

EVENT TICKETS: Tickets for dances, state parties, plays, etc. are sold at RSO.

FAX MACHINE: (352) 360-1165
Cost per sheet: OUTGOING - $1 (stateside); $2 (all others)
INCOMING - $ 0.50 (Please ensure name and phone number are included on incoming FAX. RSO will call recipient for pick up.)

GATE BARCODE - Complete attached Resident Barcode Form and call RSO, 360-1026, for an appointment. Provides entry to Pennbrooke.

NOTARY: Call for availability.  We usually have one on staff at all times.  Call either 360-1001 or 360-1026. (no charge)

PENNBROOKE FAIRWAYS ACTIVITIES REVIEW: Monthly newsletter distributed in internal mailbox. If you are away for a period of six weeks or more, RSO can mail the review to you. Provide a self-addressed envelope with postage to RSO for each month away. If you want to save money, go online to and read it for free. The community resident directory and the community TV slide show can be found under the registered users section of the web.

PENNBROOKE RESIDENT DIRECTORY: One book per household. Printed annually. Please ensure RSO has your phone number so it can be included in resident directory.

POSTAGE: Can weigh packages not exceeding two (2) pounds and affix postage. Book of stamps (20) are available for purchase (2 book limit) Cash only.

VIAL OF LIFE PROGRAM. Complete medical information sheet found inside the vial and follow the directions provided.

HOA MAINTENANCE FEE. Mailed to TAMPA with coupon.

Pennbrooke Homeowner's Association Inc.
Bank of the Ozarks
PO Box 26369
Tampa, FL 33623.

Make sure LOT NUMBER is written on your check. Payment due the 1st of each month. Castle Group Management LLC telephone number for Resident Support Services: 954-792-6000 or 800-337-5850

PENNBROOKE WEB SITE: provides information on the Pennbrooke community, e.g., newsletters, HOA board minutes, monthly events, etc.

APPLICATION FOR ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW FORMS: Changes to exterior of house must be approved prior to start of work.
EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION FORM: Provides emergency contacts if needed. Filed in RSO.
EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS LIST. Provides a basic checklist for storm preparation
Authorization for paying monthly maintenance fees. Complete form attaching voided check. Mail form to address on form or fax with voided check to 352-360-1165
RESIDENT COMMUNICATION/REQUEST FORMS. Problems with lawn care, common grounds, pools, etc. complete Communication/Request Form.
RESIDENT INFORMATION SURVEY FORM. Please complete survey and return it to RSO to ensure our community maintains the qualifications for exemption to FL Statute 760-29 and Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 which allows Pennbrooke to be an adult community. Eighty (80) percent or more home sites must have one adult 55 years of age. The remaining 20 percent of homesites are left to the discretion of the community, governed by contractual agreements or deed restrictions.
VACATION FORM. If you are planning to be away from Pennbrooke for six weeks or more, please notify the RSO using the vacation form. RSO marks internal mail box with a green dot.
VETERAN'S FORM. Info. used in Pennbrooke Memorial Day and Veterans Day Programs.
VOTING CERTIFICATE - Only one person in household can vote during Pennbrooke HOA elections. Complete attached voting certificate designating an authorized voter and return form to RSO.

LAWN WATERING SCHEDULE as directed by the St. John's River Water Management District:
- EVEN NUMBERED houses on SUNDAYS during standard time and on THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS during daylight savings time.
- ODD NUMBERED houses on SATURDAYS during standard time and on WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS during daylight savings time.
- SECTIONS P, Q, R, and S ODD NUMBERED houses may water TUESDAYs and EVEN NUMBERED houses on FRIDAYS during standard time.  Both ODD and EVEN may water on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS during daylight savings time.
MAILROOM, PENNBROOKE - For additional postal keys, see your mail carrier. Stopping or forwarding mail can be done at Pennbrooke. Forms are found in mailroom. Complete form and place in postal box.
NAME BADGE MAGNET - Available for Purchase - See RSO
PENNBROOKE COMMUNITY CHANNEL Channel 732 for Spectrum  customers. Community channel on Pennbrooke's web site,
RECYCLING - Wednesday
STRAY ANIMALS - Call Animal Control, 343-9688. Be prepared to give a description of animal and location.
STREET LIGHTS - Notify the City of Leesburg, 728-9830. Provide pole number which is a four character number found on the pole and street address.
TRASH PICKUP - Wednesday

Beauty Salon, Pennbrooke - 787-3589 
Spectrum Cable TV - 1-800-222-0102 
City of Leesburg (Gas & electric) - 728-9800
Leesburg Post Office - 787-6539
Utilities, Inc. (water) - 1-800-272-1919