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The Pennbrooke Fishing Club was organized in 1997. The purpose of the Club is twofold. The first is to provide the residents of the Pennbrooke Fairways Community, who have an interest in fishing, a Club environment in which to compare notes, sharpen their fishing skills, and to plan fishing outings in both fresh and salt water. The second purpose is to use our Club fundraising abilities to improve the community in which we live.

Since its creation, the Club has stocked numerous ponds in the community with bass, catfish, bluegill, and grass carp. The Club purchased and/or maintains Purple Martin birdhouses to attract the birds in an effort to control the mosquito population. The Club has contributed money to such community projects as: Grand Hall fountain, Community gardens, risers for Community Chorus, Operation Shoebox, the construction of ball field restrooms, the creation of a large community Veteran’s Memorial, and covers at the ends of the bocce ball court.

Funding for these endeavors is generated thru two annual events in the Community:

The Pennbrooke Fishing Club annual fundraising dinner
The Club’s booth at the annual Community Trash & Treasure rummage sale

In excess of 90% of the money generated by the Club’s participation in these events is returned back to the Community.

The Club meets on the third Thursday of the month from September thru April, in the Activity Center at 3:00PM. The meetings are open to anyone interested in fishing. Membership is open to all Pennbrooke residents and annual membership dues are $5. Anyone interested in more information should feel free to contact one of the Club’s officers.

Pennbrooke Fishing Club officers for calendar year 2015 are as follows:


Treasurer Carol Dewey 314-0352

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